Renovation Updates and Pics for 3/21

The Great Renovation continues this past week with siding and trim finishing up on the south addition where the heat pumps will be located, siding and trim work is ongoing on the north side (Park Street) restroom at the vestibule, drywall continues inside in the stair tower, second floor and ’67 addition. Some plaster that was loose and flaking on the north wall of the second floor was removed in preparation for drywall. First floor tin ceiling install was completed and now on to the second floor! Third floor (formerly attic) flooring removal continued in preparation for a new subfloor. Heating system piping installation in the basement to supply the first and second floor baseboard radiation units continued. Electrical work on the main incoming power panel disconnect and metering units on the south side continued in preparation for power change over this coming week provided GMP doesn’t incur any last minute emergencies elsewhere! That was a long time coming!! Maple rough cut lumber harvested in the forest behind the high school last summer is being prepared for install in various areas. Putting local products to use!!!

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Android Tablet


Sewing Machine*


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Green Screen

3-D Printer*


Owl camera*


Heat Press


Baby Carrier (back pack)


Wi-fi Free Tablets for Kid

Dash Robot

Indi Robot

Portable Power Station

Moisture Meter


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