Renovation Updates 6/22/24

The list of work to complete at The Great Renovation grows shorter by the day!

This week major milestones of energizing the mechanical heat pump systems and lighting control systems were two of the focuses. The heat pump system is now active and producing 70 degree temperatures during this weeks’ heat wave! The system is yet to have airflows balanced and controls fine-tuned prior to full time operation and owner training, however the temperature controlled first floor areas are evidence of comfortable environments to come.

Lighting controls owner training were conducted on Thursday morning. In consideration of the energy efficiency codes, the lighting systems design is required to have computerized controls to minimize energy consumption, but yet provide lighting needed for library operations. Thus these systems continue to increase in complexity requiring staff training to modify as needed.

The most major milestone this week is the delivery of stunningly beautiful new bookshelves! The bookshelves are constructed of maple with a clear finish, fully adjustable shelves and adjustable floor levers to accommodate the unevenness of the 1836 floors in the historic library. Their construction types are a mix of the stationary bookshelves that will be attached to the walls and mobile units in the main first floor level on castors to enable varied functions. In addition to these major events, finishing touches of trim work, painting, caulking and cleaning continue in earnest. The planning committee is poised for the big move in July and August in anticipation of the opening on September 3 and Open House on September 15 from 2pm to 5pm!!

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Android Tablet


Sewing Machine*


Button Maker*

Green Screen

3-D Printer*


Owl camera*


Heat Press


Baby Carrier (back pack)


Wi-fi Free Tablets for Kid

Dash Robot

Indi Robot

Portable Power Station

Moisture Meter


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