Renovation Updates 5/24

{Click through for picture updates!} As we approach Memorial Weekend, The Great Renovation continues towards the finish line with interior painting, hardwood flooring repairs, begin sanding hardwood floors in preparation for finishing, installing maple cap on stair tower walls and hanging doors and installing hardware. Carpeting is being installed in the first floor children’s room and early readers room in addition to second floor teens room, periodicals room and quiet room. Vinyl flooring is being installed in the restrooms, librarian’s office and kitchenette. Installation of lighting and switching devices continues in addition to wiring of heat pump condensers and cassettes in preparation for startup of these systems.

Site work continues to finish grading, preparation of subgrade and pouring of main entrance sidewalk. Move-in planning committee continues with preparations all pointing to resuming “normal” operations in the near future! Have a great Memorial Weekend with remembrance of the purpose and keep an eye out for turtles crossing Rte 73 west of Brandon along the Otter Creek!!

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Android Tablet


Sewing Machine*


Button Maker*

Green Screen

3-D Printer*


Owl camera*


Heat Press


Baby Carrier (back pack)


Wi-fi Free Tablets for Kid

Dash Robot

Indi Robot

Portable Power Station

Moisture Meter


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