Bruce’s Renovation Updates – Oct 3

The BFPL Great Renovation continues this week with the stair from the second floor to the third floor (previously known as the attic!) is removed and the opening infilled with framing and decking. Structural steel has finally arrived and been installed for the third floor including steel columns at the wood columns along the north and south walls and steel beams over the tops of the wood beams and all secured into place. These are necessary to strengthen the post and beam framing that has sagged over 4″ along the length of the beams over the many years since 1836! The structural steel rods that hung down and supported the second floor will be replaced with new ones that attach to this framing system.

South wall foundation work is progressing to stabilize the existing south foundation wall where a section of rotted sill beam was discovered during excavation and this next week should see the new addition foundation work proceeding. Wall insulation is being installed in the second floor of the 1967 addition (formerly teen room and conference room) and door openings in the south wall from the main library to the offices in the new addition are being cut in on the first floor and second floor.

It has been a very productive week!

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